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Successful therapy depends on a great client-therapist fit.

I am Shaaree McCalpine, LPC, LPCS, LSC. A licensed professional counselor and founder of Faith Soars Counseling and Consultation, a Christian based counseling practice.

When I started my practice in 2012, I set out to help African American women release the daily pressures and stressors of life. Faith Soars is here to help you work toward your goals of healing and health. My consulting services provide programming and group development and help you make better life choices.

My passion is not only helping women but adolescents and teens. I have the opportunity to work in various school districts counseling students who are dealing with many traumas and life pressures. In response to the increasing number of incidents and episodes of bullying, self-esteem, grief, and suicidal attempts, I have organized bullying prevention, youth mentorship, and self-esteem seminars.

I am a public speaker and TV personality.  I believe in motivating and transforming. My topics include; mental health, self-care, education, and prevention strategies.

You can also catch me on the national television show “For My Man” on T.V. One.

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